Earthworm specializes in serving smaller businesses.
Office waste paper is used to make new products such as bathroom tissue, writing paper and cereal boxes.
17 trees are saved for each ton of paper you recycle.
A used aluminum can is recycled and back on the grocery shelf as a new aluminum can, in as little as 60 days.
Plastic beverage containers are made into clothing, carpeting, luggage, film, and new food and beverage containers.
Earthworm recycles the computers it collects through the WR3A network of environmentally conscious businesses.
Earthworm staff c1974.

Helping Businesses Recycle Since 1970

Earthworm is a local, mission-based nonprofit organization that was founded in 1970. Our goal is to lower the hurdles that businesses face when they seek to establish recycling programs for paper, bottles and cans, and office electronics.

We are happy to serve small businesses and can accommodate all sizes of office cleanouts. Our staff is friendly, helpful and committed. Our recycling programs are designed to be:

  • Affordable: Earthworm offers free recycling through the purchase of recycled copy paper and in some locations, we offer reduced rate curbside collection services. We also provide the free use of containers for collecting your recyclables.
  • Efficient: Earthworm uses 34 gallon recycling containers that are smaller than the industry standard and fit more easily into tight spaces. We can also provide hampers for larger clients and cleanouts.
  • Convenient: Earthworm offers flexible programs that suit the varying needs of Boston's business community and overcome the challenges presented by Boston's eclectic buildings. In-office pick-ups are available for clients who value a high level of service.

Since 1970 Earthworm has been a pioneer in the wise use of resources and continues to serve as an educational resource on sustainable waste management. We encourage and practice waste reduction, reuse, and responsible recycling.

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