The benefits of the reuse of manufactured goods far surpass the benefits gained through recycling. In fact, reuse is often described in terms of the triple bottom-line (environmental benefit, economic benefit and social benefit). Earthworm is always on the lookout for good homes for reusable products and has active partnerships with other local, reuse organizations.


Examples of reusable items that Earthworm might collect are:

  • Working Computers
  • Working Home and Office Electronics
  • Office Supplies
  • Office Furniture

If you are interested in seeing some of the many places and people who use and benefit from used electronics, check out this great website created by MIT students:


If you think that you have an item or items that are worthy of reuse, call us and we can help you. We will collect the item(s) from you at a nominal fee and deliver to a needy, local non profit organization, or, we will direct you to other interested reuse organizations.


Earthworm is part of an active network of non profit, reuse organizations in the Boston area. Through collaboration with, mentoring and direct support of these groups, Earthworm multiplies its positive impact on the local community. We currently work with the following groups:

  • Extras for Creative Reuse
  • TecsChange
  • BostonRestore
  • GreenGoat
  • Boston Building Resources
  • Bikes Not Bombs
  • Encuentro5
  • Communities Without Borders


Earthworm is one organization in a vast reuse sector. Here are some additional links to other helpful organizations:

  • FreeCycle
  • Earth911
  • Boomerangs
  • Goodwill
  • Mass Coalition for the Homeless